Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Springtime Updates from Swift Group - April 2015
To mark the launch of a partnership between Swift Group, Freedom to Go and The Telegraph newspaper we have teamed up with the Swift Group to give a way a week-long break in a luxurious 4-berth Swift Rio 340 motorhome. Visit for more details and full Terms and Conditions. Competition closes Friday 17th April 2015.
Swift Group have teamed up with expert individuals who are as passionate about tourers and motorhomes as we are. This exciting opportunity will provide you with up to date, real life documented experiences from fellow outdoor explorers whose hearts and minds are fully behind the lifestyle that owning a Swift Group caravan or motorhome can offer.
Whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced tourer and motorhome owner Swift Group always strive to provide you with knowledge, hints, tips and ideas from experienced experts, as well as ideas and opportunities to expand your touring experiences.
The Swift Experience not only allows you to follow the lives of families with a passion for enjoying the freedom the tourer and motorhome lifestyle can offer, but it also hopes to encourage more people to explore and appreciate the outdoors. For more information visit:
We understand that buying a touring caravan can initially feel like quite a daunting task, and if you’ve no previous experience of caravans you will have many questions swirling around in your mind.
Here we hope to point you in the right direction covering everything from the basics of what a caravan can offer and how to choose the right one for you, to getting on the road and planning your holidays. For more information visit:
To see all the published Swift Dealer Events in April and beyond visit: 
END - TA - 01/04/15

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