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Caravanning for ELEVEN!

Caravanning for ELEVEN!

You might have read the title of this blog and assumed there was a mis-type, but the Marklands from Lincoln – a family of eleven have just recently visited Brayford Leisure, their local Swift Group Caravan Dealer to collect their new 2015 Challenger Sport 640 – a six berth van. So if there are only six berths, how do they fit eleven people into the caravan and how on earth do they holiday together?
Janine Markland explains more to Swift Group Marketing Manager – Tom Anderton
“We love caravanning; it allows the entire family to get away together and gives us the freedom to get to all parts of the UK and also to the likes of Spain as a family unit. We have tried holidaying in hotels in Europe but found the family were constantly split up and were spread out in different room across the hotel. Also the expense of flights, transfers, food and drink just meant that we realised we were much better off buying a caravan. This gives us so much better value for money.
Because we have a minibus it enables us to take the whole family, we have six children under eleven and the older three are 12, 14 and 16. So what we do is fit the smaller children into the Caravan and setup a big awning for the older children to sleep in.
We love our new Swift Caravan with its fold up bunk beds. The children get so much from a Caravan Holiday, they get fresh air, education, visit some great places – the UK is a truly amazing place and as I mentioned the value we get from these holidays is incredible.”

James Watson – Branch Manager of Brayford Leisure (pictured third from the right) said:
“I am delighted the Marklands chose to buy their new Swift Caravan from Brayford Leisure. Whilst they are not first time caravanners, we are always on hand to help a family whether new to caravanning or more seasoned caravanners, whatever their size to find their perfect Caravan and help them with their needs. In this instance a Challenger Sport 640 was the perfect van with its great value and flexibility key in the purchase decision. It is brilliant to see the reaction and happiness of the six young Markland children to the family picking up the vehicle and hope they become caravanners themselves in years to come.”

Tom Anderton said “Over the last 6 months Swift have launched a first time buyer initiative aimed to get families and couples into the industry and get into a leisure vehicle. Whilst the Marklands are existing Caravanners it is great to see the benefits they get from caravanning. This is something Swift is promoting through the “Swift Experience” with a number of ambassadors sharing their experiences with a Swift leisure vehicle. The common reaction is the flexibility and freedom a caravan holiday can provide, and also a way to give up the gadgets and try more classical activities such as horse riding, walking, biking and kayaking. The big emphasis is on how much of a fun time you can have and I am sure the Marklands will have a great time in their new Swift Caravan.”
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